About us

Good taste is not a coincidence. In everything we do, we aim to create experiences. Pure experiences of flavour that brings joy to other people.

Therefore, we always pay attention to the smallest details. We are deeply respectful about nature and prioritize a gentle production. We are aware of the overall experience, and thus our design. Because we believe that good flavours are about more than just having a quality product – it starts with the impression that meets the eye.
This dedication means that today we can present to you an artesian spring water that both contains great taste and is a joy for the eye.

About Henrik

The well was founded in 1561 by Duke Hans the Elder, and even then, the residents around the source become aware of the waters potential. Over time, the spring water entered in brandy production, and local dairymen have used the water as an important part of their production. Unfortunately, the distillery burned to the ground in 1877.

In 2007 Henrik Loff decided to bring the source back alive after it had laid dormant for over 100 years. He was aware that the water had a very good taste and very high quality. He wanted to create a concept around the artesian water with a particular focus on the customer experience.

It is Henrik’s passion that drives momentum for Mill & Well. A passion for quality that have been shared by the people who has worked for with water during the past 450 years.