The clear and undisturbed springs of Krusmølle

The waters of Mill & Well are bottled from one of the only artesian springs in Denmark. Located in the natural and historic areas of southern Jutland, the spring lies deep within the untouched forests close to the tranquil town of Aabenraa. The nature of the artesian Aquifer ensures a pristine taste of natural, refreshing water.

A quality that we at Mill & Well carefully maintain by utilizing a strictly natural bottling process.


A well of Danish history

The well itself was established by Duke Hans the Elder in 1561 and even then the inhabitants of the area saw the potential in the spring to use the pristine water in commercial production. Since then the water have been used to make moonshine, as well as being a part of the traditional production of high quality milk, cheese and other dairy products. In 1986 Henrik Loff realized that the quality of the water equaled that of the foremost competitors on the still water market.

Since then the Mill & Well brand has delivered an exquisite product that consists of all the best qualities a naturally bottled water product should entail.